HVAC services performed on two air conditioner units in front of brick wall

Air conditioning installation and repair services are performed by specialized, highly trained professionals who require training and certification like Plumbing Systems Inc. (PSI).

In a few cases, the suppliers of air conditioning systems will perform the installation. However, the majority will be performed by dedicated air conditioning installation and repair services like what PSI offers.

Residential or Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Many air conditioning installation and repair services will specialize in either residential or commercial sectors, but most will spread their work across all sectors. In a few instances, you may find that a maintenance and installation service will specialize in a single air conditioner brand as the recommended installer.

Why You Need Maintenance and Repair

Ever since the first-ever air conditioner system was invented in 1902, there has been a need to maintain and repair the systems regularly. Now that the bulk of the cold weather is behind us, and summer is on the way, it’s essential to ensure that your air conditioning systems are functioning efficiently. Here are three good reasons why air conditioning maintenance and repair can save you time and money.

Safety – Air conditioners work hard to keep you cool in the hot weather. Parts wear out and need replacing at regular intervals to keep systems operating at peak efficiency. Just like it’s a good idea to change air conditioner filters at regular intervals, so too will a regular maintenance schedule keep your air conditioner operating, even when the temperature outside gets to dangerously high levels.

Efficiency – A dirty filter can reduce your air conditioners’ efficiency by as much as 5%. Regular maintenance will ensure your filters are always free of dust and debris, and your ventilation ducts are clear of blockages.

Prevent Problems – Small problems that go undetected for a long time can grow into big problems and an expensive repair bill. Regular maintenance by experienced air conditioner technicians finds the little problems before they can grow into larger, more complicated, and more expensive ones that can put your air conditioner out of commission.