Photos of boiler equipment installed and removed


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This project included the following services, products, and upgrades:


  • Provide two hours of magnetic power flushing to remove any unwanted debris from old boiler loops/ piping.
  • Remove and replace 2 old 60% efficient atmospheric boiler with 2 new 96% efficient Lochinvar Knight 155 wall hung modulating condensing boiler. Remove and dispose of all old near boiler piping, pumps and manifolds.
  • New, painted, backing board to support new manifolds and new wall hung boiler.
  • Install all new manifolds, pumps and near boiler piping to service the new boiler per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Installed 18 Honeywell ¾ zone valves and isolation valves to control individual zone heat.
  • Installed all necessary gas lines, drain lines and condensate neutralizer kit.
  • Installed Flex piping to be run out the existing vent to terminate on the roof. Repair fireplace vent
  • Installed expansion talk sized to boiler system to aid in proper operation of all boiler components.
  • Installed one Caleffi autofill and back flow preventer to maintain proper boiler pressure.
  • Installed one outdoor temperature sensor.
  • Program outdoor reset functions as per these particular applications requirements.
  • Introduce any needed glycol to bring system levels to 30%.
  • Introduce Fernox system protector to the boiler fluid.
  • Added a combustion analysis and high altitude gas valve adjustment to the new boiler system.
  • Test and verify proper operation of new boiler system.

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