Hydro jetting is a method used by plumbers to channel a blast of water at extremely high pressure into the plumbing line. The aim is to remove any stubborn blockages or sediment buildups. Surprisingly, the blast is usually high enough to pierce even through tree roots.

This technique is non-invasive as it poses minimal threat to the piping line itself. A plumbing technician inspects the line or pipe to identify the extent and location of the blockage before jet flushing.

If you have had the devastating experience of backed-up plumbing in your sink, toilet, or bathroom, consider hydro jetting.

Why you should go for hydro jetting
Hydro Jetting is a highly effective unclogging method

Unlike other conventional unclogging mechanisms, no amount of blockage can survive the immense pressure of a hydro jet. This method does not at all discriminate. It completely flushes out all manner of clogs without leaving behind any traces of residue.

Reliable Unclogging method

It reaches even the hard-to-reach places within your plumbing system with so much ease. The combination of video and pressure jet technology makes it a reliable plumbing tool that never disappoints.

Hydro Jetting is Environmentally-sound

It is an eco-friendly way to clean your pipes as it relies purely on the water without the addition of chemicals.

Safe tool for your pipes

When properly done, hydro jetting happens to be a safer option. It clears the clogs in your pipes soundly and effectively without causing harm to the pipes. Since you don’t have to open up the pipes for cleaning, it effectively expands the pipes’ lifespan.


Hydro jetting is a highly cost-effective method. You don’t have to open up the pipes for a wash. Jetting is only done occasionally. One single flushing takes care of your pipes for a considerable period before the next flush.

Good for preventive maintenance

you can schedule a hydro jetting maintenance plan once a year or biannually, depending on the nature of the plumbing. It is an effective way to keep permanent clogs at bay.

PSI is a plumbing service company serving the Colorado region. Talk to us for more information, and you won’t have to worry about that stubborn clog ever again!

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