Sewer line Jetting & Clog in Drains

Clog in drains and sewer lines are is just like cholesterol in our body, the waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all cells of the body that causes lots of havoc for human. The build-up in drains is equally bad when the situation gets worst and worst and caused much headache to your business or residence.

Grease in a commercial application such as in a restaurant is a huge issue. You will see this in homes as well but in residential properties it happens over a longer period of time. With Grease as the culprit for clogs, it is a harder problem to tackle with a cable machine. While the cable may open a line but it will be tough and time consuming and does not last long. Depending on how bad the problem is, it may just last a week or a couple of days. Just ask a restaurant manager with few years experience in the business and they will probably give you an ear full of stories.

How do you remove a clogged drain?

PSI Plumbing utilizes the state-of-the art equipment is sewer line jetting and unclogging drains. Using the force of pressurized water to pull itself through pipes, the sewer line jetting machine scrub the sides of dirty and clogged drains. It quickly break apart clogs and flush out unwanted residue. The powerful jet nozzle provides the pulling and cleaning force to clear the line.

PSI Hydro Jetting
• high-pressure line flexible enough to pass through most main drain elbows and handles up to 4,000 PSI.
• jet nozzle with forward-firing jet that breaks apart clogs, and back-firing jets that pull the high-pressure line deep into clogged drains.
• We use our truck-mounted jetter for high velocity water pressure to blast away years of accumulated deposits

Regular Hydro Jetting maintenance plan is available for hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, businesses, private residences and more.

Avoid the headache of unexpected emergency backup, leaks, repairs, and fixture or pipe replacement by calling the experts at PSI. Contact us to set up a preventive maintenance agreement today
at 970-445-1235 or email us at

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