With summer almost here, all Eagle County and Summit County residents should beware of the common sewer problems in the area. In Colorado, people are looking to hold barbecues, parties, and other fun functions. These backyard activities cannot be a success with a faulty plumbing system. Here are the most common problems that you should be aware of:

Although you may have a plunger in your home, you want to keep the toilets functioning properly for efficiency. Since kids will be on summer break, the bathroom visits will be double the normal rate. Remind the little ones what should/shouldn’t go down the drains and the toilet. Also, teach the kids tissue etiquette to avoid clogging.

Rains may cause water flooding, which can get into your basement and find its way into the sewer line. When water gets into the sump pump, it affects the operation of the sewer line by backing up the system. Also, roots may develop within the pipes, causing clogging that may lead to sewage backup.

During summer, you are likely to experience foul odor coming from the sewer system. The smell may be due to little rains that allow less water down the line. As such, chances are more waste will stay in the pipes until more water drains to flush it down the system.

The idea is to ensure that all the drains are maintained to ensure that everything is smooth. If the waste builds up, the sewer may overflow, causing overflows. This solution will also keep the line from emitting a bad odor.

Damaged pipes will cause significant drainage problems. Leaks allow the water to leave the system, leaving the solid waste such as tissue to clog.

As the sewer systems age, they are exposed to normal wear and tear. Hard water tends to cause significant chemical corrosion of metallic pipes. Older systems are much more vulnerable than newer ones.

Our plumbing specialists will inspect your sewer line for underlying and potential problems. We will solve your backups by ensuring efficient flow. PSI plumbers come with years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship to handle simple to complex problems.

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