How often do you clean your kitchen and bathroom drains? If you do not clean the drains regularly, you might have plumbing issues soon. Every time you wash the dishes, food particles and grease may get stuck in the drain. Additionally, every time you take a shower, hair, dirt, and soap may also get clogged in the drainage system.

Lucky for you, there are different types of drain cleaning solutions to help you manage the drains. They include:

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Just as the name sounds, chemical drain cleaners are a bunch of chemicals that can clear clogs in the drainage system by dissolving the substances causing the blockage.  However, not all chemical drain cleaners function the same way. There are three different types of chemical drain cleaners. They include:

Oxidizing Cleaners

They are not as acidic as acidic cleaners and may not dissolve a severe clog completely. They consist of bleach, nitrate, or peroxide. Oxidizing cleaners are recommended for dissolving organic clogs made from food particles.

Acidic Cleaners

They contain high levels of acid that break down the clog during drain cleaning. Acidic cleaners may contain muriatic or sulphuric acid and are recommended for dissolving far severe clogs.

Caustic Cleaners

These cleaners are made of potash or lye. Unlike acidic cleaners, caustic cleaners have a high pH and are suitable for breaking grease clogs.

Non-Chemical Solutions

If you do not like the idea of using chemicals in your home for drain cleaning, you can always opt for non-chemical solutions. Some non-chemical solutions for drain cleaning include:

Professional Services

Another simple solution for drain cleaning is hiring professional services like Plumbing Systems Inc. to clean the drains and get rid of all the clogs in the drainage system. Professional services are the surest way to completely clean your drainage system.

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