With the air conditioner idle during winter, spring-cleaning of the appliance is necessary to get it ready for summer. You don’t want to fry in the summer heat the very first day. Spring is your time to ensure that air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance are done to perfection. What do you need to do to get ready?

Follow the guidelines on best practices when it comes to Air Conditioning filters. We recommend regularly cleaning or changing your air filter to remove dirt and debris. Check the air filter to ensure maximum airflow and increase system efficiency. A clean air filter means high air quality.

The condenser unit is outdoors, and it tends to collect more dust and debris. To protect the condenser fan and coils, cover the unit when not in use. Check the condenser unit for any leaves, debris, dust, and other item accumulation. An expert HVAC technician will clean the coils and fan during tune-ups.

The technician should also clean the base of your air conditioning condenser to remove any debris and leaves. Also, check the air conditioner drain to ensure it is clear to allow efficient air circulation throughout the system. You can use a vacuum or rag to clean the fan blades, so it blows clean air.

An air conditioner comes with coolant tubes that contain the refrigerant. These pipes run from the evaporator, which handles air-cooling. For efficient operability, the coolant lines have foam covering for insulation. Your technician should check the condition of the foam insulation to determine whether a replacement is necessary.

Follow these cleaning steps with a unit test to ensure the air conditioning system meets the performance expectations. If the system is not operating smoothly, proper diagnosis will be critical. You may also want to check other parts of the system, such as thermostats, ductwork, vents, and circuits.

Our certified and licensed HVAC professionals will handle all kinds of air conditioning repairs and maintenance tasks. We will keep your unit in optimal capacity to minimize utility costs and enhance efficiency.

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