Most householders across the continent wake up expectantly waiting for a hot shower to start their day. In retrospect, the installation of water heater is critical to help provide the necessary hot water for your home. When was the last time you schedule to check your water heater? Failure to inspect a problem water heater and schedule an inspection may cause a serious problem when it completely fails and cause a plumbing nightmare. Different people prefer different types such as the conventional type, tank-less, solar water heater and heat pump water heaters, due to a myriad of factors.

Heat pump Water Heater –

Fuel type and energy efficiency: Some water heaters take up to much power and run your power bill despite their solitary purpose of providing hot water.

Size: The water heater especially the conventional one takes up a lot of space that might be inconvenient for a small unit.

Life span: This comes down to the maker, the model type and material used. Water heaters can give you up to twenty years with the right maintenance for the water heater and scheduled inspection.

Rheem Prestige

Cost: At the end of the day you may want the best but you don’t have the capital to facilitate this expense.

These valid factors have lead households to consider two very common and popular options today i.e. the tank-less water heater versus the conventional water heater. With the conventional water heater you get a 30 – 50 gallon water of tank, whereby water is heated and stored. This preheated water can be used then at any moment. The tank-less water heater on the other hand employs on demand water heating and hence removes the storage aspect. Most homes are moving towards the tank-less due to energy and eventual cost efficiency with up to 24% in savings on energy. Also the fact that it doesn’t take space is very convenient. On the other hand people shy away from the tank-less due to the initial cost and if it breaks down the maintenance is fairly expensive.

No matter the direction you with at end it all comes back to energy and cost efficiency. So ensure you go for the best always. PSI Plumbing and Heating can help you make the right choice for all your plumbing needs. Call us today at 970.926.0500

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