A working sewer line is a must for any functional building. Without one, you will encounter unending safety and sanitation issues. For that reason, you have to deal with a damaged sewer line immediately. How do you even know that your cleanout has problems?

Signs that your sewer line is damaged.

Before your plumbing systems start to fail, you will notice several things. The most common sign is slow or clogged drains. It can be accompanied by bad odors, flies, flow-backs, overflows, and moldy smells. In extreme cases, you may notice cracks on walls and broken slabs. Once the sewer line is exposed, you will see plush on the lawn, too.

Signs of raw sewage above the ground, water stains on the floor, and funny noises can also indicate the piping is damaged. Any of these signs should serve as a warning sign. If you see more than 3 signs, you could be looking at a major issue. However, there is no need to panic.

Main causes of pipe damage

The main cause is corrosion of pipes resulting from extended use. Old pipes undergo oxidation over time, weakening them. The other cause is damage during construction and excavation near the pipe. Tree roots can also destroy pipes if they are growing too close to the sewer line.

When the earth settles or there is a shift, pipes can rupture due to pressure.

How do you deal with sewer line damage?


You should call in a plumber to inspect the system for you. With the advancement in video and camera inspection, you can know the exact problem. If there is damage, you will spot it, access the extent of the damage, and determine the next course of action.

Professional diagnosis

Once you have the expert, he or she will tell you if your sewage line is damaged. An assessment of the damage will most likely tell you the cause so that you can deal with both the problem and the source.

Expert repairs

Treat pipe damages as emergencies. This is because it only takes a few minutes for what looked to be a harmless leak or clog to turn into a water damage situation when pipes start bursting with raw sewage or greywater, ruining your carpets and other valuables. A certified plumber should be able to safely and conclusively deal with the damage. If there are pipes that need a replacement, he or she will replace them. If there are concrete parts, the expert will still deal with them.

A sewer line is part of a larger plumbing system and should be treated like that. Unless you have competent knowledge about these systems, it is not wise to try to repair them. The expert will do it safely, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the overall well-being of the home. This means no damage to other utility lines, lawns, and even walkways. If there are disruptions, the plumber will leave everything working perfectly.

If you suspect you have sewer line damage, give us a call.

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