The cold is here, so it’s time to start prepping your house for the freezing weather. Pipes in your home are often damaged by water trapped inside because of ice build-up. The expanding ice can crack or even break the water line completely. Use these tips to prevent and fix broken pipes and increase your chances of always having running water this coming winter.

An insulated pipe has more protection against the cold. Both hot and cold lines passing through uninsulated areas of the home can be protected against freezing by wrapping them with insulation. Cold winds will be prevented from reaching the pipes, and hot water will also stay that way for longer.

Disconnect your outdoor hoses from the water supply. Drain them fully before putting them into storage. You can protect your outdoor faucets from freezing damage by shutting them off through the main water valve.

If you are expecting freezing weather, leave the cabinet doors under your sinks open. Doing this will allow the warm air inside the home to circulate around the pipes and keep the water in the pipes above freezing temperatures.

When the water stops flowing, and you suspect it is because of ice, leave the faucet open. When the ice thaws out, the trapped water will need somewhere to go. If the faucet is blocked, the pressure that is building behind the ice could crack or break the waterline.

Broken pipes in your home are a severe problem that should be rectified quickly. Fixing water damage is often an expensive problem, but it can also affect the residents’ health if mold has an opportunity to take root.

If pipes break during the winter because of freezing, you should immediately call your plumber to have it repaired as soon as possible.  Broken pipes are not something you should attempt to repair yourself. Letting a professional plumber like Plumbing Systems Inc. to fix a broken pipe allows them to make sure that the pipe is fixed and prevent future breaks. Be on the safe side and prevent further water damage by calling a professional.

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