Heating and cooling is going to be one of the most important parts of any household, and yet a lot of people neglect the fundamentals of maintaining their HVAC systems. HVAC air filters don’t last forever, and people are going to need to anticipate potential problems in their systems by making sure that they are maintained. However, as long as people do the regular maintenance procedures, their HVAC systems should last.

System Pressure Regulation

It is a good idea to avoid replacing the AC system or furnace, since this new addition is going to be out of sync with the rest of the system itself. People are going to make sure that they are able to keep the HVAC system working more efficiently than that. Load calculations can help people determine whether or not they are putting too much pressure on their HVAC systems, which is a common reason why these systems may start to experience problems.

Similarly, far too many people are going to fall into the trap of overworking the system on the hottest days of the year. In that instance, it is a better idea to try to maximize the efficacy of the HVAC systems in other ways, such as putting a fan near the device in order to blow around the cool air. On the opposite end of the spectrum, far too many people keep their thermostats too high during the colder times of year. Finding other ways to say warm while still keeping the thermostat on can help people resist the temptation to keep it on the highest possible setting.

Air conditioning units and heat pumps also need to be on level ground in order to work effectively, and there should be at least two feet of clearance around them as well. These areas are magnets for debris, especially in the spring and the summer, and it is important to clear this debris away before it accumulates. Around eighty percent of a home’s registers should be open, or the HVAC system is going to be too strained.

Hiring Heating and Cooling Specialists

Naturally, people should hire heating and cooling specialists who can perform the right maintenance procedures for their furnaces and AC systems at least once a year, and ideally around twice a year. Getting these maintenance procedures performed every fall and spring is a good idea, since these are not seasons that are associated with extreme temperature changes. The maintenance workers are going to inspect and then clean off the unit’s mechanisms and wiring. Most homeowners are going to have a hard time doing that themselves.

Air Filters

Getting new air filters or updating air filters on a regular basis can make a big difference. Homeowners should buy new filters every ninety days. Ideally, they will check their existing filters every thirty days in order to make sure that they’re still working correctly. Dark and clogged filters will need to be changed immediately. People who have pets are probably going to need new filters each and every month due to the dander and dust that pets can generate, and because pets have different respiratory sensitivities compared to humans.

Some people don’t get air filters to begin with, and these additions are necessary. Ideally, people will get high-efficiency pleated filters, which are going to be better at catching everything, including bacteria. Heating and cooling systems can last longer than people think with the proper care.

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