Your sewer line is an integral part of your home’s plumbing system. It does an excellent job of ferrying all kinds of wastewater from your home safely. Despite this noble service, the sewer line is not immune to damage.

It is exposed to a host of potential threats, including underground water, excessive heat from the sun, as well as shifting soil. The contents in the pipes may also pose some challenges if they are corrosive.

It is therefore imperative to know the signs of a problematic sewer line and apply quick fixes. If the problem is beyond your knowledge, hand it over to an experienced sewer repair expert.

Here are the common sewer line problems to watch out for:

1.    Corrosion of pipes

When transporting wastewater, the pipes making the sewer line react with the contents. This is common with metal sewer lines in most homes. Excessive corrosion accelerates the wear and tear in the line, and may result in leaks into your home. Use a camera inspection to detect corrosion.

2.    Blockage

This happens when you flush things down your drain that cannot drain properly. If you tend to flush diapers, wipes, and tampons through your toilet drain, you risk clogging. The clearest signs of a blockage are water backing up, gurgling pipe noises, and slowed-down drains.

3.    Tree root intrusion

As tree roots spread their growth in search of moisture, they may come into contact with your sewer line. Over time, the roots can result in sewer blockages or collapse the pipes, especially if they have cracks. Therefore, when planting trees, know where your plumbing systems are located to avoid future sewer problems.

4.    Pipe shifting and breakage

Besides tree roots, aging and pipe shifting can cause your sewer pipes to break. When your foundation shifts due to excessive weight or when excess rainwater seeps underground, your sewer line may begin to change its shape and hinder your wastewater from draining properly.

5.    Sewage smell in the house

This often-considered minor issue could significantly affect your indoor air quality and comfort. When your drain caps are missing or loosely placed, foul sewer odors may leak into your home. Practice checking your drain caps or your P-trap.

Contact Plumbing Systems Inc. (PSI) if you experience any of these sewer line problems. With their sewer line services, they can repair your sewer system in no time.

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