Although Eagle and Summit Counties in Colorado have modern amenities and attract a nice living style, they also face septic emptying problems. Homeowners need to know when the septic tank is full to avoid waste buildup, leakage, overflows, and foul smell. If your tank is full, contact a professional to pump it empty for efficient operation and healthy living. How Do You Know Your Septic Tank is Full?

You will know the tank needs pumping if there is:

When the septic tank is full or almost full, an unpleasant odor may come from the drain system. You could also have a sewer leak that needs emergency repair and maintenance. Remember, the bad smell will affect neighbors who might complain against you.

Do you see pools of water around the tank drain system? If water collects near this field, you could have an overflowing tank. If rains have been short or missing and there is plenty of water near the septic tank drain, you have full tank.

If the grass near your tank is greener and healthier than the rest of the lawn, consider checking for overflows. Water may be leaking or overflowing from the tank to irrigate the lawn.

One of the first signs of a full tank is sewer backup. These backups can be destructive because they can easily lead to water damage to the home. Pump empty the septic tank to correct the flow rate and consistency.

You may experience weak or slow toilet flushes. If you have trouble flushing, it could be because of slow drainage.

Consistent gurgling sounds coming from your drains could mean the tank is full and needs pumping. If you see any of these warning signs, contact the PSI plumbing company to empty the septic tank. We’ll prevent bacterial buildup, bad odor, and improve sewer drainage. Besides increasing the septic tank’s lifespan, regular maintenance improves household efficiency.

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