A plumbing system’s life expectancy is the time the system provides optimum functionality. The lifespan of such systems is affected by the usage, weather, installation, maintenance, and quality of the plumbing material.

More often, however, the longevity of a plumbing system will depend on the core material used. Once a plumbing material hits its prime age, it may become prone to damage, and its usefulness drastically reduces. Understanding the life span of the system is not only a crucial element but also a must-do.

Many of these piping materials last considerably longer. You should expect it to last about twenty years, depending on the installation material.  The average lifespan for common piping materials may vary as follows:

Your typical plumbing system constitutes an entire network of interlinked lines, and you should probably evaluate each line separately.

Plumbing System – Supply pipelines

They bear the brunt of ferrying water and gas into appliances and fixtures inside the house, usually under high pressure. Doing this may make them susceptible to constant leakages. You can always engage a plumbing expert to determine the best material for such lines in your house. However, in most cases, they are made of copper, brass, or galvanized steel.

Plumbing System – Drain pipelines

They drive out water and waste material from within your house. For such lines, you require only minimal pressure. Their main ingredient is iron or PVC. The PVC material is usually larger in diameter and may stay longer compared to cast iron.

Signs of a depleted lifespan

Some sure signs to gauge your plumbing system’s life span and prompt an inspection are:

Frequent leaks occurring at different spots in the house
The recurring presence of mold, mildew, or just stained walls
The persistent low water pressure within the appliances
The increasingly slow draining process
Irritating odors coming from the drain lines
Signs of poor water quality, such as cloudy or rusty water

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