The Memorial Day weekend usually involves some family time, gathering with friends and relatives and some in-house traffic. In some cased you may have an issue you were not planning for. Plumbing incidents at a time heavy traffic in your home can lead to a unforeseen plumbing issues.

At PSI we value our relationship with our clients and customers and we take your comfort and safety into consideration even in times of the holiday weekend. Take note of some of these valuable tips to avoid the possibility of a drain clog! Now just know that in the event anything does happen during a holiday, weekend or any at hour time of the day, we are a 24/7 emergency response plumbing company

Do need local plumbing experts providing services that show up on time and as effective and efficient? Our certified plumbers at PSI are here to give you the service and skill you deserve.

Tips to Avoid a Drain Clogs

The tips and suggestions here are very simple for any time including the holidays. When followed and applied with good judgment, these tips will make sure you are not having to deal with drain clogs or any other typical plumbing issue in your home here in Edwards, Avon, Vail and other nearby resort communities in Colorado:

Your Garbage Disposal needs some TLC

Your garbage disposal under your sink is a very useful appliance that helps to clear up your kitchen mess. Putting undue pressure on this purposeful unit may cause unseen and serious problems.

Take it easy. When using the garbage disposal, feed a small amount of food waste at a time. This will make sure food waste gets mulched and is removed fully before the next batch of food waste is disposed. Even though your disposal may have a high capacity for processing food waste, the prudent thing to do is to take it easy and slow. In the event when there is too much going in at one time to the disposal, it may cause clogging and cause a bind to the mechanism.

Understand what is proper and safe for the Disposal. Big chucks of meat or fatty material, fibrous foods such as celery, vegetables such as artichoke and cooking grease should not be poured into the disposal. These items in general have a great chance of clogging or binding your disposal, mechanism causing it to quickly clog the disposal or further damaging the appliance.

Disposing Grease and Oil

The rule for grease and oil is to never disposing them into the toilet, kitchen sink or getting rid of them in any drains. Doing so, you can be assured of a future clog and more serious problem down the road. Find a way to keep used grease and oil in a heat-resistant container such as an old coffee tin and dispose of it along with the trash when it is almost full.

Avoid throwing these items in toilet to Avoid drain clogs

Never throw used cotton swabs, cigarette butt, tampons or other feminine products and tooth floss or disposable picks in the toilet. These are the most common items plumbers find among many other things we there is a clog that has already cause some major issue.

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