Most homeowners tend to have a rather laid-back attitude when it comes to caring for their home’s plumbing systems.

They probably have not gotten over the many plumbing myths around. Yes, you may be handy, but new plumbing knowledge keeps emerging, and if you don’t keep up, you may end up messing your entire plumbing system. Before that happens, read on.

You can avert a whole lot of plumbing mistakes by debunking some of these common plumbing myths.

Myth #1 Flushing is not limited to toilet paper.

Some homeowners don’t give thought to whatever they are flushing down the toilet drain as long as it’s flushable. Well, that is totally wrong.

Sanitary wipes, paper towels, tampons, and cleaning wipes have a slow biodegradation rate. They may result in clogged sewer lines and overflows spilling over to the environment. If it is not toilet paper or your household waste, do not flush it!

Myth #2 Grease is less stubborn in the presence of hot water

Leftover cooking fat or grease should be completely barred from draining through your sink even when mixed with hot water. While it may wash down the sink basin, beyond the pipes it will quickly solidify and cling to the sides of the pipes.

This will then act as a trap for hair and food particles that will later result in the clogging of the sink. Grease should only be wiped with paper towels and properly disposed of.

Myth #3 Tightly turning your faucets prevents leaking.

While this remains a common belief amongst many homeowners, it may actually harm your faucets and pipes in the process. The recommended way is to close them firmly just until the water stops flowing.

Myth #4 There is no constant water pressure.

Actually, there is. Your water pressure should always be stable if everything is functioning right. Irregular water pressure may signify a problem with your pipes, and you should summon a plumbing technician immediately.

Myth #5 Lemons clean garbage disposals naturally.

Lemon peels are acidic and may result in corrosion and blunting of your garbage disposal blades. Warm water and a brush will still suffice to keep grime away.

Myth #6 Most plumbing tasks are DIY

Never downplay the essential services of a professional plumbing technician. Throughout our plumbing experience, we get to witness countless DIY fixes that left more harm than good, and we end up rectifying the mess.

We are that reliable plumber that you can always contact for all your plumbing needs. Our 24/7 response team is ever on standby for all your plumbing emergencies!

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