Plumbing Systems’ Inc new arsenal for Hydro Excavation is our 2100 Series machines offer Vactor’s proprietary system of integrated components, specifically designed for sewer cleaning applications. These components work together to deliver maximum cleaning power and efficiency where it counts, at the nozzle.

The Vactor 2100 Fully Hydraulic Boom Provides effortless in/out and up, down, left and right movement with full 180° rotation for easy positioning into hard-to-reach areas. Trouble-free hydraulic power eliminates adjustment and maintenance problems common to sprocket and chain systems. Front-Mounted Hose Reel Front mount provides the operator with a safe, efficient workstation. Optional compact design improves driver visibility. Heavy-duty high capacity reel with hydraulically powered forward and reverse. The optional telescopic action adds 15 in (381 mm) of reach and 270˚ rotation.

Complete Operator Control Every control necessary for operation (boom, start/stop, rpm, hose reel functions and chassis throttle) is located right at the hose reel, for maximum safety and productivity. Dual controls (both sides of the reel) are standard. Powerful Positive Displacement Vacuum Blower is chassis-driven directly through a 475 hp rated continuous-duty transfer case. Eliminates belts, pulleys, clutches, drive line slip and maintenance, while boosting efficiency and reliability. Inlet volume up to 5,000 cfm and 18 Hg significantly increases velocity pull of debris at greater working depths.

Direct-Driven Hydraulic Water Pump The hydraulic water pump is direct-driven through a heavy-duty transfer case. The optional Multi-Flow control allows the operator to adjust flow and pressure while maintaining a full and constant vacuum.

Multi-Stage Blower Filtration System Exclusive Vactor design provides unmatched blower protection to ensure optimum service life and productivity:

Easy Load, Fast Dump Debris Body Safe and efficient design shields the operator from potential contamination. Made of 3/16 in (4.76 mm) Ex-Ten® corrosion- and abrasion-resistant steel, the full 50° dump angle is achieved with a single, double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Capacities available from 5 to 16 yd3 (4 to 12 m3 ).

Aluminum Water Tanks Corrosion-, rust- and crack-resistant design. Baffled cylindrical shape adds high strength and durability.

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