Acquiring a new HVAC system is a big leap for your home’s comfort. That’s why you should be double sure you are making an informed purchasing decision right from the start.

Whether you are shopping for a new furnace for the winter or a new air conditioner for the summer heatwave, our buying guide will help you make the right buying decision.

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The key considerations to make when purchasing an HVAC unit include:

Energy efficiency

HVAC units in our homes consume a significant amount of energy. However, with technological advancement comes more energy-efficient units.

There are also various energy ratings applied to different HVAC units, such as the HSPF, SEER, AFUE, and EER. To save more in terms of energy costs, go for a unit that offers the best energy efficiency. Typically, heating and cooling units with a higher rating are the most energy-efficient.

Size and capacity

A proper home inspection by a qualified HVAC technician is important in determining the right unit size for your home. Only they can compute the appropriate HVAC unit measurements such as the Manual J requirements.

Why is size important?

The size will determine the heating and cooling capacity of your new unit. Heating capacity is measured in BTU while cooling capacity by Ton. Generally, units with a higher BTU have a better heating capacity. Cooling capacity can be recommended based on the size and needs of your home.

Noise levels

To avoid any home inconveniences, check the noise levels of your new unit. Go for newer models that produce quieter operations.

Maintenance and Warranty

To increase the lifespan of your heating and cooling units, regular maintenance is important. This also activates your manufacturer’s warranty.

Therefore, before purchasing a new unit, work out the most suitable maintenance plan with your HVAC contractor to avoid losing your warranty benefits.

Working with the right HVAC contractor

Just like legal counsel, having a reliable and fully certified contractor by your side throughout the purchase journey makes all the difference. Not only do they provide the best unit recommendations, but also design and customize your installation to suit your specific needs.

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