If you have noticed some water under your kitchen sink, it could be a sign that the garbage disposal leaks. Plumbing issues can be quite annoying, especially leaking disposal. Several problems could cause the leak, and that is why we recommend that you call a professional plumbing company to deal with the issue.

Reasons for a leaking garbage disposal

To understand the reasons behind the leak, you need to know the three common positions of the leak and how to fix them.

Garbage Disposal – Leaking From The Top

Problem: Ruined sink flange

If the disposal is leaking from the top, then the likely culprit is the sink flange. Most disposals are connected to the sink using a plumber’s putty or a flange. As time passes, the flange tends to loosen or corrode, thereby resulting in the leak.

Fix tip

Since most sink flanges are connected to the disposal with tight and compressed screws, the best way to fix the damage is by replacing the flange. This solution will reseal the sink disposal.

Garbage Disposal – Leaking From The Side

Problem: Loose drain lines

Another source of leaking disposal is drain lines that have loosened up. On the side of the disposal, there are two connections of drain lines. The dishwasher drains into the disposal through the small hose. The disposal in turn drains out to the sewer through the large hose. The dishwasher and the disposal are connected with a metal clamp. When the metal clamp loosens over time, a leak develops in the disposal.

Fix tip

You can tighten the metal clamp with a screwdriver to stop the leaking. If the rubber gasket on the inside of the drainpipe is loose, you will have to tighten the screws or replace the entire gasket.

Garbage Disposal – Leaking From The Bottom

Problem: Busted seal

The internal seals of the disposal may wear out over time, thereby causing a leak.

Fix tip

With a damaged internal seal, your best shot would be to get a new disposal. We recommend buying new disposal because they are inexpensive and can last up to 10 years. Trying to open up the disposal and fix the problem may be more work than it is worth.

Do you think your garbage disposal has a problem? Have you wondered why is my garbage disposal leaking? Give us a call today at PSI, and we will send an expert to inspect and fix the problem. We provide affordable garbage disposal repair services in Eagle and Summit Counties in Colorado.

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