Plumbing myths aside, what really causes low water pressure in your house? While the low pressure may only affect a single fixture, when it becomes a widespread problem, then narrowing down the actual cause becomes very important.

If your faucet is taking longer than usual to fill your sink or your showerhead lacks a strong spray, you may need to inspect these possible causes. And if you are not sure where to begin the diagnosis, urgently consult a plumbing professional.

Malfunctioned fixtures can cause low water pressure

Whenever the low water pressure is only experienced in a few fixtures, then the problem is the fixtures themselves. It may be just a problem with the aerator or a clogged fixture. This can be remedied by removing the aerator and cleaning it or by replacing the entire fixture. Remember to turn off the water supply to that particular fixture.

Closed water valves

It could be the main house shutoff valve or the water meter valve. If either of these valves is not fully open, your water pressure may diminish. You can contact your water supplier to open the valves all the way.

Low water pressure do to clogs

Clog buildup inside your plumbing pipes greatly hinders effective water flow. As the water flows minimally, its pressure diminishes as well. The viable solution is either replacing the pipes or calling a certified plumber to clear the clog.

Faulty pressure regulator

Pressure regulators are meant to keep your water supply pressure steady enough for the pipes to handle. When the regulator malfunctions, the water pressure may go to both extremes-either too low or too high. The best solution would be to replace the regulator entirely.

Shared pipelines

Such pipelines supply water into more than one home. That in turn places too much water demand on the water supply, especially if you run multiple fixtures simultaneously. When your neighbor is taking a shower, and you are running the dishwasher at the same time, then the water pressure will definitely diminish.

You can both agree to alter your water usage schedule or completely replace your pipes to become independent.

Water supplier problems

Sometimes it may not be a plumbing issue within your own house. First, check with your neighbors before checking with your water supplier. If your neighbors experience similar issues, contact the water supplier. They may already be aware and fixing the problem, or you may have just alerted them to address it.

Are you experiencing low water pressure consistently? Perhaps it is time for a permanent fix. Get in touch with our plumbing technicians for water pressure needs.

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