Dealing With a Clogged Sewer Line

0.0 00 You might never see or hear it coming, but the damage that a clogged sewer line can cause is extensive. Your home has many pipes that take waste water from sinks, tubs, and toilets and feed it into your main sewer line. A clog in one of the pipes can be an annoyance,… Read more »

The Effects of Hard Water on Home Appliances and Plumbing

0.0 00 Most water has calcium and magnesium in it, but hard water has levels of minerals that are much higher than normal. It is especially common in areas where groundwater has to pass through rocks with lots of calcium or limestone, which is the case for water that goes to homes in and around… Read more »

Tips to Avoid a Drain Clog

0.0 00 The Memorial Day weekend usually involves some family time, gathering with friends and relatives and some in-house traffic. In some cased you may have an issue you were not planning for. Plumbing incidents at a time heavy traffic in your home can lead to a unforeseen plumbing issues. At PSI we value our… Read more »

The Most Common Residential Plumbing FAQs

0.0 00 Because of the nature of the job, a lot of people ask plumbers the same questions. We’ve compiled a plumbing FAQ to hopefully answer some of your plumbing questions: What can I put down my garbage disposal? You can put any kind of soft edible material down a garbage disposal. Avoid bone, coffee… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Water Heater

0.0 00 Most householders across the continent wake up expectantly waiting for a hot shower to start their day. In retrospect, the installation of water heater is critical to help provide the necessary hot water for your home. When was the last time you schedule to check your water heater? Failure to inspect a problem… Read more »

Ideas for home plumbing jobs at spring cleaning

0.0 00 The lovely season of spring is upon us with the flowers starting to bloom, nice temperatures, pristine green lawns, and birds cheerfully chirping away. So this gets you in the mood for some good spring cleaning, which is great. When you have many tasks and jobs done, you will feel like you have accomplished… Read more »