An image of a Hard water shower problem.Most water has calcium and magnesium in it, but hard water has levels of minerals that are much higher than normal. It is especially common in areas where groundwater has to pass through rocks with lots of calcium or limestone, which is the case for water that goes to homes in and around Colorado’s mountainous areas. Not only can hard water be detected by sight and taste, it can have an adverse affect on major appliances and equipment. Fortunately, there are effective ways for Vail, Colorado homeowners to combat the problems caused by hard water.

As lime and mineral deposits in water continually pass through pipes and plumbing, it builds up and starts to significantly restrict the flow of water. This happens in appliances that use water as well, such as refrigerators, icemakers, washing machines, and dishwashers. Eventually, untreated hard water can cause appliances to leak, malfunction, and use more energy. The heating elements of water heaters are also highly susceptible to damage from hard water, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners in Colorado to find that their water heaters need replacement, servicing or repair every few years.

Installing a water softener is one way to decrease the amounts of minerals in hard water. Point of entry (POE) water softeners are permanently installed at a business or residence, and are one of the most commonly used water-conditioning devices used in areas with very hard water.

Homes where hard water has run through the plumbing for a long time may need to be professionally cleaned and the lime scale buildup removed. For appliances, white distilled vinegar can be run through a cycle on dishwashers, washing machines, and even coffee makers to help prevent accumulation of hard water deposits. Being proactive about mitigating the effects of hard water can equal lower energy costs, less plumbing issues, longer lasting appliances, and water that has more moderate levels of minerals.

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