The colder days are warning us that winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to ask yourself if your HVAC or Heating System ready for the big chill. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any machine in good operational order, and your HVAC system is no different. Winter is not the time to be dealing with heat issues in your home, so here’s how to prepare for the cold months ahead. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance For Your Heating Systems

Optimum times for service and maintenance on your HVAC, boilers, thermostats, and snowmelt systems is during the warmer months when they aren’t in heavy use. Spring and fall bi-annual checkups will ensure your HVAC and other systems are in tip-top condition for working efficiently and keeping you warm during winter. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats - PSI

Smart thermostats keep your home at optimum temperatures and help you save energy. An adaptive thermostat optimizes your HVAC for efficiency and comfort, such as keeping the house at 68 degrees during the day and turning it down around 10 degrees at night while you are in your warm bed. 

A smartphone app allows you to control your HVAC in real-time from any location and turn it off automatically using geolocation when you leave home. Smart HVAC systems can shave up to 10% of your energy bill when you take advantage of these features. 

Turn Your Furnace on Before Winter Sets In

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Before winter fully arrives, it’s a good idea to test your furnace by turning it on a few times during late fall.  Let your home reach the desired winter temperature before turning off the air. Doing this will alert you to any problems so you can rectify them before winter sets in. 

Clean Your Air Vents and Replace Filters In Your Heating Systems

Dirt and dust buildup are the primary cause of problems in HVAC systems. You can easily prevent issues by checking your filters at least every month. If you notice any problems, don’t wait too long before replacing them. A ready supply of backup filters is highly recommended. Vents around your home should also be checked and cleaned to ensure adequate airflow. 

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A local HVAC technician like Plumbing Systems Inc can help get your home ready for the winter. They can make sure that your equipment is providing the most heating efficiency so that you are not cold during the winter months.