PSI Technician working on Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Repair

Your Premier Air Conditioner Repair around Colorado’s Western Slope and Beyond

Did you know that excessive heat causes confusion, headaches, and visibility issues? Did you also know that heat waves stifle productivity for kids in school, people at work, and everyone else at home? Now you know. When an AC unit fails in the summer, you want a company that will respond to your distress immediately.

At PSI, we are the most trusted and loyal air conditioner repair experts. We know how crucial it is to respond to an AC distress call promptly and decisively. Our technicians come with the right gear and tools to conduct diagnostics and repair the air conditioner.

We are proficient in most, if not all types of AC units, such as ductless, mini-split, central ACs, floor-mounted, and hybrid air conditioners.

How do you know your AC needs repair?

Check for the following signs:

  • The water keeps filling up too fast
  • Not enough cooling
  • The unit is not turning on
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit
  • Air is stuffy even when the unit seems to be working
  • Frequent cycling
  • Unusually high humidity
  • Water leakages

For this and many other air conditioner issues, we are on hand to offer our expertise. Generally, we look for the source of the problem before actual repairs. We check thermostats, dirty filters, physical barriers, leaky ducts, fans, condensers coils, evaporator coils, and other parts of the AC unit.

Repairs sometimes go hand-in-hand with some replacement of parts. Our goal is to give you the most reliable solutions, including genuine replacement parts for every unit. Our certified technicians will ensure that your broken air conditioning system is whole.

You can enjoy the cool indoor environment together with your family without fear of the unit breaking down when you need it most. When you call our experts, we will attend to your needs exhaustively.

We are currently serving Vail, Gypsum, Edwards, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Eagle, Frisco, Aspen, and other parts of Colorado.