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Is your wastewater treatment system or the septic tanks experiencing floating scum layers? Then, consider installing sewer system grease traps for thorough cleaning. If there is a blockage or other defect in the pipeline, then oils and greasy items may be the cause.

Grease traps in the system will collect the oily solids and grease before reaching the disposal system. Our certified plumbers offer grease trap installation and cleaning services.

Pumping Grease Traps from Restaurant

Besides getting rid of the oils and grease in the wastewater, these traps improve drainage system efficiency. We specialize in a range of drain cleaning resources. Some of the drainage features to look out for are:

Lift stations

Lift stations are the right drain cleaning solution when you have elevation drawbacks. Besides saving on sewer construction expenses, lift stations also eliminate the need for high depth excavations.

With lift stations, you can achieve proper gravity flow if t is insufficient. They, therefore, allow the transfer of waste from a low to a higher elevation.


While maintaining proper drain flow is essential, pipeline cleanliness also counts. We install traps in the sewer and drain system to conserve the environment from air pollution.

With traps, the smell from the sewers, insects, bacteria, and other pathogens will not enter your environment. So, you can readily maintain a fresh surrounding for a comfortable workspace and living environment.

There are varying traps to choose from depending on your needs and preference. Our plumbers will help you identify the type that will prevent unnecessary backflow while allowing smooth waste liquid movement.


Tanks are essential accessories for a drainage system since they help enhance pressure for proper waste substance movement. Also, you can rely on tanks to store wastewater that’s undergoing treatment for efficient system operation.

You will find a wide range of tank types whose configuration and quality varies. Luckily, our knowledgeable plumbers will inspect your system to ensure the installation of a suitable tank.


A vault is necessary for every drainage system as it provides a station for installing backflow preventers. We can automate the equipment and tools in the vault for efficient monitoring of the system.

Vaults will allow you to control cross-connection hazards that may likely cause defects in the system. Vaults are usually built underground for easy access and functionality reasons.

Although all these drainage resources are effective, they are not necessary for all systems. As such, our professional plumbers will analyze your drainage and sewer pipeline to determine what is essential. Large-scale drainage systems may require more complex equipment and tools for operability.

In case you have any defects with any parts, we can do a replacement or repair as per the need. Our premium choices will help reduce any future pipeline rehabilitation needs, therefore, minimizing cost.

We offer our services to: Vail, Avon. Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Wolcott, Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Dillon, and surrounding areas.