Hydro Excavation PSI

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Vacuum excavation or hydro excavation is a popular plumbing method for serving underground utility systems. The depth of digging will depend on the size of your structure and pipeline system. 

In vacuum excavation, water and air are the elements that help expose the underground. 

When using water, the procedure is known as hydro excavation. Pumping pressurized water into the ground will form a hole once the soil is loose. 

After hydro excavation, we suction the mud into a tank on an excavator truck. We then dispose of the wet material in the dump location for environmental conservation. Also, unlike the traditional drilling methods, hydro excavation is less destructive to the environment. So, your underground utility structures are safe.

Services That Go With Hydro Excavation

We rely on advanced equipment and technology that allows for precise ground excavation. This way, you will need minimal backfill, hence, saving cost and labor.

Utility locating

In plumbing, we do a utility location procedure to identify and label underground utility features. For public utilities, knowing where the mains are will save time during repair and replacement.

Both residential, industrial, and commercial wastewater pipes need proper labeling for easier servicing. Marking each pipeline allows plumbers to locate future spots with defects in the system. Hydro excavation simplifies utility locating due to its precision.

Slot trenching

We have the technology for slot trenching that enables us to dig narrow trenches during installation, repair, or replacement in a utility system. The idea is to keep the surrounding ground undisturbed due to the minimal disruption. Hydro excavation is preferable for efficient slot trenching.


Potholing is a utility construction method where you investigate underground structures and expose them. Hydro Excavation allows plumbers to dig exploratory holes to the right depth.

Potholing makes installation, repair, and replacement of utility fixtures easy. Plumbers can now safely explore underground utility structures to apply the right solution.

Debris removable

Once we do hydro excavation, we will need to remove debris from the location for proper disposal. We load the debris around the excavation section in tanks that excavator trucks transport to the disposal location. We carry all removable debris off-site to preserve the environment while promoting sustainability.

Cold weather digging

Cold weather digging requires an effective technique for exposure of the underlying utility structures. Hydro Excavation enables plumbers to use pressurized and heated water to access frozen grounds. The vacuum excavation causes the frost to thaw into a slur that is easier to remove. So, even in the coldest weather, we can attend to your plumbing needs for efficient drain systems.

Our experienced plumbers will install any utility structure into your wastewater disposal system. We can also correct underlying defects to boost the operability of the distribution line. Get in touch with us today to experience our extraordinary customer services.

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