Radiant Heating Services - HVAC installation of an underfloor heating system

What is radiant heating?

Heating technology has evolved significantly. As more ideas come, the more efficient heating systems get. Radiant heating is a modern technology powering a host of homes and properties around the world.

Radiant heating is a form of heating where the radiators are laid on the floor or on the baseboard to provide heating. Heating and blowing air through a series of ducts to heat a home is not effective in heating your home.

It heats the most important part of the room, which is from the ground up. This heating approach is less wasteful compared to other methods. If installed correctly, it can save the homeowner a significant amount of money. Beyond costs, it provides comfortable floors and room environments. You can say goodbye to cold floors.

Our services include:

  • Installation of radiant heating for floors and baseboards
  • Maintenance of radiators and other parts of this heating system
  • Repairs and replacement of parts of the radiant heat system

The best time to install this system is during floor renovations. You must tear up the entire floor to lay the radiators and other floorboard heating apparatus. Most systems include boilers. However, one can also use electrical heating.

The air and electrical heaters are not popular. In the case of electrical heaters, they heat faster but are expensive to maintain. Boiler systems are great because water retains heat for longer, reducing the overall cost of heating your home.

Radiant heating, just like any other system, requires maintenance and repairs. Whatever system you have, electrical or boiler system, our technicians are on hand to provide the repairs you need to keep your home and family warm.

We are currently repairing all systems. Some of the common problems we routinely fix and prevent from happening include hot water pipes leakages and maintenance of electrical systems. We also do general inspections.

Give us a call at 970-926-0500 for installation, repairs, and maintenance of radiant heating systems for your home and commercial properties. At PSI, we have certified and licensed radiant heating technicians within our ranks waiting for your call.

We offer our services to: Vail, Avon. Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Wolcott, Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Dillon, and surrounding areas.