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The changing policies surrounding industrial and domestic wastewater treatment aim at enhancing control ability. Sand oil interceptors are ideal for eliminating sediments and oils in wastewater

Sand oil interceptors are drainage accessories that separate water from oil, sand, and other sediments. The oil will float at the top because it is lighter while the sand, grit, and other sediments sink to the bottom. This bottom section contains a sludge baffle that will limit the movement of substances between compartments. 

Although the direct flow is under limitation, the flow itself is flawless. Anything that is lighter than water goes to the top, while the heavier items sink to the bottom compartment. This theory features gravity that pulls water from light and heavier items.

You can rely on sand oil interceptors for emergency cleanups. The benefit of using a sand oil interceptor is the ability to give clean, dense water. You can then direct this water to other domestic or industrial uses. We provide sand oil interceptor installation, cleaning, and maintenance services. 

Why Choose Us

Sand Oil Interceptors

Our fleet of vacuum trucks will pump out any substances in the sand oil interceptor during cleaning. This maintenance procedure will ensure the interceptor is fully unlocked to clean the wastewater. 

Although the cost of utility maintenance will be higher with sand/oil interceptors, this feature eliminates pipeline blockage and congestion. Besides reducing your utility bill, sand-oil interceptors allow for efficient use of the available resources. 

You can use sand oil interceptors in place of grease interceptors. Both plumbing fixtures function the same in cleaning off grease and oils from wastewater. 

When choosing a sand oil interceptor for your drainage system, our plumbers will consider the presence of a draw-off connection. This feature will allow you to adjust the interceptor depending on the amount of wastewater passing.

The sand oil interceptors are environmentally friendly, a step closer to saving planet earth. For durability, the interceptors are corrosion resistant for a longer use life. They also have to be superior in performance for optimum wastewater cleaning. 

We have the right technology and know-how to create an efficient wastewater disposal system. 

Types of sand oil Interceptors

There are two types of services available in the market. 

  • Automatic sand oil interceptor
  • Manual sand oil interceptor 

For system efficiency and easy operation, the automatic type is more reliable. 

Also, consider the interceptor construction material since you want an acid resistant and high-performing model. Each brand comes with its unique specifications; hence, understanding the ideal features is significant. 

Additionally, look out for the flow rate of the interceptor for optimal performance. We recognize that each wastewater distribution system has unique needs. So, we thoroughly analyze the structure for the proper approach. 

Contact us now to enjoy top-class services and get professional advice for an efficient wastewater disposal system. Our innovative techniques can handle repairs, replacements, and installation.