PSI Professionals pumping from manhole

Why Septic Tank Are So Important

The only way to ensure your septic tank is always in good working order is to perform regular inspections and maintenance by using professional plumbing service like (PSI). 

In general and depending on the number of people using the tank, your tank should be pumped every 2 to 5 years. The tank can also be inspected for any faults or any issues that may develop into problems during the maintenance.

Keep Your Tank in Good Working Order

Septic tank services that pump the sludge out of your tank every 2 to 5 years will ensure the long life ofSeptic Tank Basic Layout the tank, but there are things you can do (and shouldn’t do) that will help prevent any issues from developing.

Paint solvents, thinners, and nail polish remover should never be tipped down your drain. Also avoid pouring sink and toilet cleaners, and bleach down the drain as well. These harsh chemicals are designed to kill germs, which means they will wipe out the colonies of organisms in your tank that help control the bacteria levels. 

Diapers, cigarette butts, feminine hygiene products, condoms, and cotton swabs should also be kept out of the tank.   

When Should I Call A Specialist?

Septic tank systems will have visible symptoms there is a fault. You should call Plumbing Services if you notice:

  • Sluggish, gurgling pipes and drains
  • Plumbing is getting backed up
  • You notice a sewage odor
  • Soggy ground, or greener grass around the septic tank

Other signs your Septic Tank needs pumping

Maintaining a tank in good working order means you need to be a responsible septic tank user. Practice water conservation techniques and take care about what goes down the drains. Also keep your drains clear of chemicals, grease, and other biodegradable substances. Doing all these things as well as scheduling regular tank services will mean you can enjoy trouble-free service for many years.