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Sump pumps do many things that most people never know. Our goal is to ensure that your sump pump is doing all those things that it is supposed to do. Beyond removing floodwater, it protects against sewage leaks, and it reduces the humidity in the basement. Hence, it is essential when it comes to indoor air quality.

Our services

Installation of new sump pumps

Newer pump models have an advantage. If you size them correctly, they are quite efficient. If you have an old, aging, or malfunctioning one, we can help replace it with a newer, more efficient model.

We know the sizing guide for all residential and commercial basements. We follow the best installation procedures and practices to give you reliable basement drainage solutions.

Repair services

Our approach to repairs is standardized because it offers the best outcome all the time. First, we have a team of expert sump pump tradesmen who understand virtually any possible problem with a sump pump. From the old generation pumps to new ones, they have it all figured out.

Also, we rely on top-notch inspections and diagnostic approaches. We check both the mechanical and electrical components of the pump to ensure that the cause of the problem is identified.

From the diagnostic, we employ the same diligence to repair the problem conclusively. We want the issue to be history. We also offer restorative cleaning services after repairs.

Since mechanical devices require regular maintenance and inspections, we also schedule your inspections in the most convenient way for you.

Here are the common sump pump problems we repair:

  • Improper installation
  • Clogged pumps
  • Wrong sump pump size
  • Power failure
  • Overwhelmed pumps that won’t clear the basement
  • Clogged discharge drains
  • Pump running continuously
  • Mechanical defects

The benefits of ensuring that your sump pump is working perfectly are many. The most obvious is to prevent flooding and the resultant water damage. You can also prevent mold from accumulating and growing in your basement, which is a health hazard.

For your peace of mind, allow PSI to handle all your sump pump issues. We are the reliable Colorado technicians that you have been looking for. We offer sump pump services to Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Wolcott, Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Dillon, and surrounding areas.