Gloved hands of plumber working on water line repair

Do you need to repair your water line? Contact a company that offers plumbing services  if you notice:

  • Reduced water pressure – If the water pressure is unusually low, repairs are advised.
  • Increased water bill – Your water bill is significantly higher. If you never accidentally left the kitchen faucet running, then there might be a problem.
  • Outdoor puddles – Are there random water puddles in your yard? Repair the mainline immediately. It’s best to pay the repair cost than to have a bigger issue later.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are 10 things to know about repairing your underground water line.

  1. Correct water supply. Locate the right line, then repair the underground water line.
  2. Blockage. If anything might prevent a specialist from working, the cost of water service line repair may increase.
  3. Depth of water main. The digging required to get to the water pipe is labor-intensive.
  4. Location. PVC and copper pipe usage is restricted in parts of the US, especially regions with extremely cold winters.
  5. Licensing. Ensure you have the appropriate documentation before digging.
  6. Mineral stains. Red or brown faucet water means there’s an issue. 
  7. Water puddles.  A mini-marsh in your backyard is a huge red flag.
  8. Rushing water. Hissing or other noises from your pipes means there is a problem.
  9. Poor water flow. Unusually low water pressure signifies a leak or damaged water line.
  10. Surge in water bill. A spike in your water bill could mean you need repairs.
Plumber working on water line repair while under the sink

Plumber repairing a line while lying under the sink

I Need Water Line Repair Near Me

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