Do you need water line replacement services? The water line carries water from the main to your property’s plumbing system. If functioning incorrectly, you may experience low water pressure or receive insufficient amounts water to complete tasks in your kitchen or outdoor space. It’s best to contact a company that specializes in main water line replacement and plumbing services if you notice a leak, flooding, or yard damage.

Some signs that you need water line replacement are: 

  • Corrosion around pipes
  • Low volume supply
  • Cracked or broken pipes 
Plumber working on water line replacement under the sink

Master plumber performing water line replacement under the sink

Have You Considered Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

Trenchless water line replacement involves creating one hole where the water line starts and another hole where the line ends. A third hole is created underground for the pipe. Then, the water line is connected to the property’s plumbing system.

Does the trenchless water line replacement cost make you question its benefits? Here’s our brief comparison chart.

Product may wear out quickerProduct lasts longer
Labor-intensive for installation and repairsEasy to install and repair

Trenchless water line replacement comes out on top. Some benefits include:

  • Involves no property damage
  • Pipes won’t freeze during harsh winters
  • No pipes will burst or crack
A closeup of repairman’s hands working on water line replacement

Plumber in the middle of the water line replacement process

Water Line Replacement Cost at a Glance

Several factors impact the water line replacement cost:

  • Accessibility – A blocked water main will prevent the technician from gaining easy access. 
  • Line depth – More digging to get to the line means more work.
  • Property location – Depending on where you live, material costs can vary. 

Before digging, contact your township about permits and restrictions. Are you in Edwards, CO; Vail, CO; Avon, CO; Eagle, CO; or Gypsum, CO? Our team can diagnose your water line symptom. Contact us for water line replacement cost information today!