How to Choose the Best Water Heater

Tank-less Water Heater

Tank-less Water Heater

Most householders across the continent wake up expectantly waiting for a hot shower to start their day. In retrospect, the installation of water heater is critical to help provide the necessary hot water for your home. When was the last time you schedule to check your water heater? Failure to inspect a problem water heater and schedule an inspection may cause a serious problem when it completely fails and cause a plumbing nightmare. Different people prefer different types such as the conventional type, tank-less, solar water heater and heat pump water heaters, due to a myriad of factors.

Heat pump Water Heater

Heat pump Water Heater –

Fuel type and energy efficiency: Some water heaters take up to much power and run your power bill despite their solitary purpose of providing hot water.

Size: The water heater especially the conventional one takes up a lot of space that might be inconvenient for a small unit.

Life span: This comes down to the maker, the model type and material used. Water heaters can give you up to twenty years with the right maintenance for the water heater and scheduled inspection.

Rheem Prestige

Rheem Prestige

Cost: At the end of the day you may want the best but you don’t have the capital to facilitate this expense.

These valid factors have lead households to consider two very common and popular options today i.e. the tank-less water heater versus the conventional water heater. With the conventional water heater you get a 30 – 50 gallon water of tank, whereby water is heated and stored. This preheated water can be used then at any moment. The tank-less water heater on the other hand employs on demand water heating and hence removes the storage aspect. Most homes are moving towards the tank-less due to energy and eventual cost efficiency with up to 24% in savings on energy. Also the fact that it doesn’t take space is very convenient. On the other hand people shy away from the tank-less due to the initial cost and if it breaks down the maintenance is fairly expensive.

No matter the direction you with at end it all comes back to energy and cost efficiency. So ensure you go for the best always. PSI Plumbing and Heating can help you make the right choice for all your plumbing needs. Call us today at 970.926.0500

Ideas for home plumbing jobs at spring cleaning

The lovely season of spring is upon us with the flowers starting to bloom, nice temperatures, pristine green lawns, and birds cheerfully chirping away. So this gets you in the mood for some good spring cleaning, which is great. When you have many tasks and jobs done, you will feel like you have accomplished a lot and your place will be in great shape.

Vector green check mark symbol and icon on checklist with pen for business design concept and web graphic EPS 10 illustration on white background.During this time you really should have a plumbing checklist. Yes, it is very important indeed to be involved in checking plumping during spring cleaning. This is a time to check heating devices as well. You may just discover some real problems that need to be addressed or the tasks that you perform may well prevent many unwanted problems. By doing these tasks, you will save yourself money and a lot of headaches in the long run.

Something very easy to do is to pour boiling water down your kitchen and bathroom sinks. This will aid in the prevention of debris from food, toothpaste, soap and hair from getting stuck in your pipes. This is a good way to prevent those unwanted clogs in garbage disposal.

Insulated Residential Energy Smart Electric Water HeaterIt is really important to have your hot water heater inspected. You can do this yourself by turning it on from low to high and then back to the low setting once again. This will enable you to make sure that the water heater is functioning properly. If it happens that you do not notice any change in the temperature of the water when you turn the heater from low to high and then back to low again, then you definitely have a problem either with your water heater or a problem with your plumbing. This is when you need to call for professional assistance.

You really should have your HVAC system checked. You can check the vents to see if they look really dusty, full and clogged. You should notice the suction power of the vacuum when you use it. If the vacuum’s suction does not feel as powerful as before or if the vents seem dusty, full and clogged, you should contact a professional. When your vents for your HVAC are clean and clear as possible, this ensures better health for you and your family.

If you are having flushing problems with toilets and if water is draining slowly from showers, tubs, and sinks, you should call the professionals. This is because you may very likely need some good maintenance jetting to get things back to good working order.

Garbage Disposal -How to keep it running

Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Running

garbage disposal unit under sinkThe garbage disposal is one of the mainstays of the kitchen, but it is also one of the most abused appliances. Sure, it’s great to not have to scrape every last bit of food of your plate or repeatedly empty the sink strainer; but abusing your garbage disposal can lead to an even bigger hassle. Read on to find out tips on proper use of the garbage disposal and what to do if calamity does strike.

DONT’S of Your Garbage Disposal

All things in moderation. Your garbage disposal is not meant to dispose of your kid’s entire uneaten dinner of chicken, rice and carrots. Rather, it is meant for just the scraps. Don’t overload your garbage disposal unless you want to deal with clogged drains.

Load it up on fiber. While fiber helps keep your guts flowing, it can do the opposite to your garbage disposal. Avoid putting potatoes, banana peels, green beans or other fibrous foods down your disposal. Also avoid foods such as rice and pasta as well as oils and fats which can clog the disposal.

Keep silverware away. The sound of your garbage disposal eating your silverware is probably familiar to most people; in order to avoid damage, make sure utensils don’t make it into the disposal.

DO’S of Your Garbage Disposal

Keep the water flowing. Disposals are designed to work with wet substances so run COLD water briefly before you turn on the disposal and while it’s running.

Keep it going. Let the disposal, and water, run for a minute after the food is done grinding up to ensure that any small debris have made it out of the system.

Remember to use it. Disposals that are not run every few days can rust, corrode and freeze up. Make certain to run the disposal, even if empty, every few days.

Keep it clean. Things can build up in your garbage disposal, causing odors. This can be eliminated by something as simple as grinding up a lemon to clean and refresh the unit. Alternately, run some water and dish soap through to clean it.

Help For Your Clogged Disposal

The holidays are a prime time for clogged disposals and the last thing you want to do is have a costly repair on your hands. But assuming you have ignored the tips above and the worst has happened, what should you do? Remember, chemical drain cleaners should never be used on your garbage disposal as they can eat away at the plastic parts. Instead, follow the plumbing tips below to see if you can solve the problem.

1) First and foremost, never stick your hand into the disposal! If you suspect there is something lodged in there, turn off the disposal and shine a flashlight into the disposal. If you see the obstruction, attempt to remove it with tongs or another long handled tool. Once you have done that you can press the reset button (located on the bottom of the disposal) and see if it will work.

2) If it is still not working, insert a broom or other long handled wooden object into the disposal. Press back and forth against the blades in an attempt to dislodge it. Once the blades have free movement again you can wait 15 minutes for the motor to cool and begin using the disposal again.

3) When all else fails, it is time for professional help! For professional drain cleaning, unclogging, and garbage disposal repairs, give PSI Plumbing a call at 970.445.1235 to get that water flowing again!

We provide emergency plumbing, heating, cooling, jetting and draining, refrigeration and environmental services like septic pumping, grease trap and sand oil interceptor pumping.

Clog in Drains and sewer line jetting

Sewer line Jetting & Clog in Drains

Clog in drain and sewer line jetting

Broken pipe and debris found in drain

Clog in drains and sewer lines are is just like cholesterol in our body, the waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all cells of the body that causes lots of havoc for human. The build-up in drains is equally bad when the situation gets worst and worst and caused much headache to your business or residence.

Grease in a commercial application such as in a restaurant is a huge issue. You will see this in homes as well but in residential properties it happens over a longer period of time. With Grease as the culprit for clogs, it is a harder problem to tackle with a cable machine. While the cable may open a line but it will be tough and time consuming and does not last long. Depending on how bad the problem is, it may just last a week or a couple of days. Just ask a restaurant manager with few years experience in the business and they will probably give you an ear full of stories.

How do you remove a clogged drain?

PSI Plumbing utilizes the state-of-the art equipment is sewer line jetting and unclogging drains. Using the force of pressurized water to pull itself through pipes, the sewer line jetting machine scrub the sides of dirty and clogged drains. It quickly break apart clogs and flush out unwanted residue. The powerful jet nozzle provides the pulling and cleaning force to clear the line.

PSI Hydro Jetting
• high-pressure line flexible enough to pass through most main drain elbows and handles up to 4,000 PSI.
• jet nozzle with forward-firing jet that breaks apart clogs, and back-firing jets that pull the high-pressure line deep into clogged drains.
• We use our truck-mounted jetter for high velocity water pressure to blast away years of accumulated deposits

Regular Hydro Jetting maintenance plan is available for hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, businesses, private residences and more.

Avoid the headache of unexpected emergency backup, leaks, repairs, and fixture or pipe replacement by calling the experts at PSI. Contact us to set up a preventive maintenance agreement today
at 970-445-1235 or email us at [email protected]

It all comes back to Plumbing – PlumberMag

PSI Plumbing has diversified services, but plumbing continues to lead the way for this growing company.

Heating and Plumbing PSI Vail

Planning and preparation are an important part of any plumbing job in the mountainous territory around Vail, Colorado, where PSI Plumbing Systems serves a mix of residential and commercial clients. Supply shops are anything but plentiful, so keeping a good inventory of parts and fixtures on the trucks and being prepared for anything is a critical component of the company’s success.

“In our company we probably do about 40 percent plumbing and remodeling, 30 percent drain cleaning and 30 percent HVAC,” owner Jim Harper says. “We do a lot of plumbing, which includes water heater replacement, kitchen faucet replacement, repairing pipes that leak, and the day-to-day plumbing problems that come up. Our other division, PSI Environmental Services, provides drain cleaning, which is an integral part of the plumbing industry on the sewer side. This allows us to be a full service provider. If we are fixing a toilet or sink, we want to be able to unplug the sewer drain or even the bath tub drain. We look at it all as a bold segment of our business where we can have our technicians specialize and become very proficient very quickly. It is a great way to grow our business.”

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Life in the Plumbing Industry

PSI Plumbing owner’s education and experience provide unique perspective on joining the trade.

PSI Jim HarperJim Harper, owner of PSI Plumbing Systems in Edwards, Colorado, has a lot of satisfaction in his work, and he points to his background in the plumbing industry, beginning with his high school education at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School in Franklin, Massachusetts, where at 15 he began learning the trade.

During his senior year, Harper had a job while completing his studies. He alternated between one week of school and one week of work throughout the educational process.

Harper took the training he received and moved a long way west to Vail, Colorado, in 1996. There he became a co-owner of Peak One Plumbing, and in 2000 he struck out on his own with PSI Plumbing Systems.

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PSI Plumbing in Vail Valley Bizwatch

Business Name: PSI Plumbing.

Date opened: May, 2000.

Owner: Jim Harper.

Contact info: 970-926-0500.

JIM-Harper-plumbing-vailWhat goods or services do you provide? PSI Plumbing offers a full range of services and repairs to both residential and commercial customers. We believe that being proactive and not reactive is looking out for customers’ best interest. This philosophy has led us to expand our company to include jetting as well as grease, sugar and drain management systems for restaurants, bars and other business.

What’s new or exciting at your place? The most exciting new service in plumbing is power jetting. We have a specialized truck that can deliver up to 4,000 psi of pressure to completely remove drain line corrosion and blockage, preventing costly repairs and damage. The service can be done in both residential and commercial settings. It blows away the old way of simply snaking a drain to open a hole in a clog.

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