Have you experienced the menace of root encroachment in your plumbing system lately? If yes, then you know how much trouble this can mean to your water supply line in the house. If left unchecked, roots can drive you into deep financial woes in the end.

Water lines provide sufficient moisture, nutrients, as well as oxygen for plant growth. This may subsequently inspire root growth in their direction. Any presence of leakage in your plumbing system may provide sufficient cause for roots to encroach the pipe, causing water flow issues, multiple blockages, or even break the piping.

If you are not sure how to treat pipe damage from roots, always consult the experts. However, if you do not wish for the problem to aggravate to such levels, there a few things you can do to combat root and plant intrusion into your plumbing system.

Prevent Destroyed Pipes

Here are a few ways to prevent pipe damage from roots:

Limit vegetation.

Restrict the number of plants you place or a plant near your plumbing line.

Put a safe distance between roots and pipes.

In the case of larger trees, ensure they are planted at a safe distance far enough from the piping line to keep the roots from reaching the pipes.

Be selective around pipes.

If you must, selectively plant slow-growing trees with smaller root reach to ensure they do not spread out towards the pipes.

Set up root inhibitors.

Look for a way to erect an artificial barrier or root inhibitor between the surrounding trees and the plumbing system. This will essentially serve to redirect the roots deeper into the ground and away from the plumbing systems.

 Growth inhibitor chemicals.

Carefully sprinkle growth inhibitor chemicals such as copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide near the piping line to combat any root growth near the area. Do this carefully without intoxicating the water supply.

Tame the roots.

If you have no control over the roots’ growth, you may have to consider cutting the section of the problematic root.

Get rid of the tree!

Should all else fail, perhaps it is time to bring down the entire troublesome tree. Once felled, you may proceed to excavate the overgrown root system as much as possible.

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